Toyota Corolla Manual

Jump starting
Roadside repairs / Jump starting

When jump-starting a car using a booster battery, observe the following precautions: Х Before connecting the booster battery, make sure that the ignition is switched off.

Х Ensure that all electrical equipment (lights, heater, wipers, etc) is switched off.

Х Take note of any special precautions printed on the battery case.

Х Make sure that the booster battery is the same voltage as the discharged one in the vehicle.

Х if the battery is being jump-started from the battery in another vehicle, the two vehicles MUST NOT TOUCH each other.

Х Make sure that the transmission is in neutral (or PARK, in the case of automatic transmission).

Jump starting will get you out of trouble, but you must correct whatever made the battery go flat in the first place. There are three possibilities:
1The battery has been drained by repeated attempts to start, or by leaving the lights on.

2The charging system is not working properly (alternator drivebelt slack or broken, alternator wiring fault or alternator itself faulty).

3The battery itself is at fault (electrolyte low, or battery worn out).

Wheel changing

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